Killin Music Festival rocked their idyllic highland village setting once again this year with another array of exciting, up-and-coming Scottish bands.

Crowds assembled across three days in the beautiful spot at the head of Loch Tay to be part of the area’s annual gathering, with over 150 musicians and artists taking to the stage. One enthusiastic festival goer from Doune said “you look around, and everyone is just givin’ it laldie – it’s the most authentic festival I’ve ever been to”.

Among the great performances, Elephant Sessions had the crowd pulsing. Audience members raved that the music was felt through the soles of their feet, shaking the hall cobwebs loose. Kinnaris Quintet took the audience on a journey with their heartfelt strings, ranging from soothing relaxed numbers to riveting renditions that re-energised the crowd.

Fiddler extraordinaire Ryan Young

Fiddler Ryan Young led the Sunday stage and set the tone for the evening, allowing Siobhan Miller to deliver in the headline slot. The highlight of Siobhan’s set occurred when she left the stage and moved into the audience for a spine-tingling song alongside guitarist Aidan Moodie. The performance was flawless, without any PA, within metres of the silent, spellbound crowd.

Simon Thoumire with Man of the Minch’s Pedro Cameron
The Portnellan Tent was full with festival-goers

Artists who performed during the day in the festival’s Portnellan tent were also crowd pleasers. Headland and Stirling’s Greig Taylor had everyone in the Saturday audience buzzing in the build-up to the evening performances. Sunday’s Open Stage Competition, adjudicated by Simon Thoumire of Hands Up For Trad, was Glasgow’s “Man of the Minch”. The alias of Pedro Cameron, this act’s eclectic, modern approach to Celtic music impressed, his lyrics about life and love as a member of the LGBT community striking a chord.  The festival will now invite Man of the Minch to take a place on the main stage line-up for next year.

Local band The No Marcs performing on the festival’s main stage

A group of young people from the village have formed the band The No Marcs, delighting audiences at this year’s festival. With an undoubtedly bright future ahead of them, this young band’s enthusiasm is one example of how the music festival is inspiring and encouraging the next generation of musicians.

Our team of dedicated volunteers pour countless hours into this event across the year. They are the tireless engine that powers the weekend for our festival goers, and they are the foundation upon which the festival is built.

This year’s festival proves that when given the chance, young fresh artists and musicians can spread their wings and deliver beyond expectations – all they need is that opportunity to step up.

In the afterglow of Killin Music Festival, with so many memories created, the festival’s heart continues to beat loud and strong, driven by the energy of our volunteers. Our eyes are now squarely fixed on next year – 19-21 June 2020 – book those diaries now!

Gregor MacKenzie, Festival Director

For the big year 5 next June, the music festival is holding off early bird ticket sales until the autumn, to allow plenty time to plan exactly what they will deliver for 2020.

Festival revelers making memories